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Do you have a blemish or a feature that you are tired of trying to hide or minimize with make-up? Are you are concerned that your face is starting to show the effects of sun damage or aging?

The face plays a critical role in human communication. By merely looking into a person’s face you can tell so much about who they are and how they are feeling: a wide smile connotes joy and pleasure, a wrinkled brow shows worry or fear, pursed lips or a frown can mean anger or sadness. Many of the judgments and assumptions we make about others are based solely on what we see in their faces. And when we examine ourselves in the mirror, the first thing we see is our face.

The goal for the doctors and skin care specialists at EpiCentre is to understand what you would like your face to tell the world about you and recommend the most modern, state-of-the-art treatments and products to achieve those goals.

Face & Skin Care available at Epicentre Skin Care Dallas, TX 75231

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