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Become an EpiElite Member Today!

Become an EpiElite Member Today!

EpiElite - Epicentre Skin Care.

EpiCentre has been the leader in innovation, technology, and non-invasive aesthetic treatments in Dallas for many years. We have recently solidified
direction and management and are excited about the months and years ahead. We want EpiCentre to be a place you are not only confident in, but
enjoy coming to, because you get great treatments, direction, and service. As I contemplated EpiCentre’s vision, I asked my wife a simple question.
“If you were not my wife and had no ties to EpiCentre, what would make you keep coming back and have a good enough experience to refer your
friends?” She responded quickly, “It has to work. I would keep coming back if I got results.”

There was my answer. Our purpose is to achieve Quality Results for our patients. We want your skin to look better next year than it does today. I
am certain that EpiCentre is uniquely positioned to provide the best quality non-surgical results in the country. We believe achieving quality results
requires the following:

• Cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology. EpiCentre has been long known as the leader in such services and products due to the extensive
clinical research experience by the world-renowned doctors of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.
• A long term comprehensive skin care plan individualized for each patient. Achieving more youthful attractive skin is like achieving
your physical conditioning goals. You can’t walk into the gym and achieve your goals with one or two workouts. It requires long term
• Patient compliance. Patients have to stay on the plan, but we feel we can help by using great technology, delivered with expertise and
amazing customer service. We also believe education is paramount, so we want our aestheticians and nurses to educate you to the
importance of what we are doing and why we are doing it!

We are excited to announce EpiElite, a new membership program that has been proven to enhance patient compliance, satisfaction
and results. We believe it will become the gold standard for aesthetic commerce as it offers so many advantages to our patients. Enrollment
begins on Thursday, September 7, 2017. We look forward to our new relationship with our patients! We are offering a gift with purchase
for our first 50 members!

A. Jay Burns, M.D.

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